Japanese Antique Mug With Wooden Handle
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Enjoy Your Coffee With A Handmade Antique Japanese-Style Mug, Made By Pottery Masters!


Wether it's in the morning, at work or in the evening, drinking that hot cup o' joe should be special and enjoyable...

Why mix excellent coffee with a boring standard white mug... you know the ones.

We set out to create a mug that looks and feels great to use, something that would stand out and make your co-workers heads turn when you take a sip!
Something without a cliché "But first coffee" print.

Something of excellent quality and unrivaled beauty.

Our solution?

A mug created by true pottery masters, ensuring that every single mug is of the highest quality, no factory mass produced bullsh*t.

Every single detail is made by hand.
All the way from shaping the mug on the spinning pottery wheel, painting every single mug, to shaping the wooden handle and attaching it!

Because every single mug is made by hand, no mug is going to look exactly the same. This means that every single mug you get will be unique to you, and you alone!


All of this comes together to create a truly unique and beautiful mug, the likes of which you've never seen before!


If you're interested in one or a few of these gorgeous Japanese-Style Antique mugs. Then click "Get Mine Now" and go through the checkout to get yours today!

As soon as we register your order, we will handle and ship your order to you as fast as possible!


~ Kanpai


UPDATE: We're nearing the end of 2020 (what a sh*tty year), we want to empty our inventory to make room for new mugs in 2021. So you get 40% OFF any and all mugs you buy.
HURRY! This offer is only available while supplies last.



Material: Ceramic
Volume: 250ml or 1 cups
Microwave safe: Yes, but not recommened as it will destroy the design over time.

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